Home Buying- Why Use NextHome Lake Country?

Six Reasons Why You Should Hire NextHome To Be Your Buyer’s Agent:


  •  We work for you, not the seller.  That means you will have an expert on your side in case something goes wrong.
  •  We will be straight forward with you.  A professional in your corner to help you through the process from searching for homes, help you understand Real estate terms, home inspection, appraisal, loan commitment, etc.
  •  We can give you our unbiased opinion, negative or positive.
  • We are experts in contracts and negotiations.  We can help you with developing a  pricing strategy to give you that competitive edge.  We work for you, not sellers.
  • We follow the code of Ethics for Realtors.
  • No additional costs to you, we get paid by the sellers.  NextHome does not charge any additional fees to have us represent you.  No hidden administrative fees.  Our team also contacts For Sale by Owners (FSBO) or other non listed properties; we will ask Sellers to pay our commission.


Luke from NextHome

Give us a call today at (262) 806-0450 and find out more about the advantage of using the experienced buyer agents at NextHome Lake Country.